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There’s a new law on the books in New Jersey, and it may have a big impact on people who have been involved in an automobile accident. This new law will provide better information to car accident victims and their attorneys, and Levin & Malkin plans to take full advantage of it on behalf of our clients in Bergen County, Hudson County and Passaic County. 

What’s Going On? 

On July 22, Governor Phil Murphy signed S-1558/A-3444 into law. Under this new law, anyone who is injured in an automobile accident can have their attorney reach out to the insurance companies that represent the other people involved in the accident and find out how much coverage the responsible parties have. 

The request for coverage information must be made by a New Jersey attorney who is representing someone injured in a car accident. It must be in writing, and it must include:

  • The name and last known address of the insured;
  • The date and approximate time of the motor vehicle accident; and
  • A copy of the accident report, if available, relating to the motor vehicle accident. 

This is yet another reminder of the importance of calling the police whenever an accident occurs. The police will include information on the parties involved and the date and time of the accident in their accident report. If you are one of Levin & Malkin’s clients, we will get a copy of your police report on your behalf. You do not need to work on getting it on your own.  

Once a proper request is received, an insurance company must respond within 30 days. It is important to note that disclosure of policy limits does not constitute an admission that the alleged injury or damage is subject to the policy, and information concerning the insurance policy is not admissible as evidence at trial by reason of disclosure pursuant to the bill. So, just because a party has insurance, doesn’t mean that their insurance will cover a particular accident. 

Why Is This Important? 

Having information on coverage amounts before a lawsuit is filed will help our experienced team of New Jersey car accident attorneys better advocate for our clients. It will make settlement negotiations more straightforward, and hopefully resolve disputes more quickly so our clients can get the money they need to seek treatment and move forward with their lives. Most car accident injury cases are settled. Very few end up going to trial, so this step towards transparency is an important tool. 

Millions Won For Our Clients

Over the years, the experienced car accident attorneys at Levin & Malkin have won millions of dollars for our clients. If you have been involved in a car accident in Bergen County, Hudson County, Passaic County, or elsewhere in North Jersey, and you need help making an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit, please contact our office in Hackensack to schedule a free meeting with our experienced team of attorneys.

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