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Spine Injury Lawyer Helping Victims in Bergen County

Herniated Discs are among the most serious of back injuries. They are almost always painful and disabling. The pain can last for a lifetime. Because they frequently require ongoing care, it is important to seek the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who will work to ensure that your insurance settlement fully covers all current and future medical expenses and any lost income from time out of work.

Spine Injuries Are Serious – They Require Serious Attorneys

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Levin & Malkin know how to help you receive the highest financial compensation and quality medical care you deserve after suffering a herniated disc and any other serious back or spine injury. And we keep our clients up-to-date on the progress of their cases. There is no good reason why any case should slowly drag its way through the system.

Millions Can Be Awarded for a Herniated Disc or Spine Injury

Discs fill the spaces between vertebrae, the bones of the spine. They allow the spine to bend while providing protection for the spinal cord. If a disc is damaged and puts pressure on the spinal cord, you may experience sciatica, pain or numbness in the lower back and legs. Depending on the damaged disc’s location, you may feel pain and numbness radiating to various other parts of your body.

Unfortunately, doctors say there is no way to “un-herniate” a disc — once it has ruptured, it will not simply go back to its original state. The pain may be alleviated by medication, surgery and physical therapy … all of which can be costly. When spine surgery is medically required, your financial compensation should be proportionate to your injury. Our law firm knows how to take care of all aspects of your case and obtain the financial recovery you deserve, so you can heal and get your life back on track.

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