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Burn Injury Lawyer Helping Victims in Bergen County

Accident victims who suffer significant burns or scarring are among those who deserve the greatest compassion – and compensation. At Levin & Malkin, our winning team of personal injury attorneys provides experienced and aggressive representation for our clients who have suffered any kind of injury resulting in permanent scars or disfigurement.

Serious Lawyers For Serious Burn Injuries

Backed by a full staff of experienced professionals, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to protect your interests and monitor your recovery after a fire, explosion, chemical burn, or any other kind of incident which has left you with lasting, disfiguring scars or burn injury. A long period of rehabilitation therapy is often required. The hardships and expenses to the victim and their loved ones may seem insurmountable. We take care of everything for you so that both victim and family can heal and get their lives back on track.


We know that when a person is scarred by an incident, the injury is not limited to physical pain. The social and psychological effects of disfigurement are an important and integral part of the suffering in your case. Also, medical, counseling and rehabilitation expenses can last a lifetime. At Levin & Malkin, our lawyers know how to properly present your case and all of its complexities in order to maximize your financial recovery so that you are protected for years to come.

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We accept all personal injury cases, including burn and scar cases, on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay us no up-front legal fees or costs. We answer all of your questions, and keep you informed regarding your case progress without you having to ask.

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