Warning sign to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Slip or trip and fall accidents are often minimized by people who claim that falling down is part of being human. These are the people that laugh when a comedian takes a tumble instead of wincing in sympathy. And this is why we see breathless headlines every time a serious slip and fall case settles here in New Jersey. Right now, the case that is making tongues wag is a trip and fall case against a Lowe’s hardware store that settled for $4 million. 

The $4 Million Lawsuit

Some people see the $4 million figure and scoff in disbelief, but at Levin & Malkin, we know that slip or trip and fall accidents can cause serious harm. The money paid to the victims in a slip and fall case is not a windfall, but just compensation for the injuries they must endure. 

In the $4 million case, the victim tripped over a power cord that ran across the entrance of a Lowe’s hardware store. The cord ran from the store to a popcorn machine set up next to a marketing van belonging to Sungevity, a now-defunct solar electricity company that was promoting its services at the store that day.

An article in the New Jersey Law Journal details the victim’s injuries: 

“As a result of the fall, plaintiff injured her right wrist and elbow, including fracturing the head of the left radius. Unfortunately, as a result of these injuries, plaintiff developed severe Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”) that subsequently spread to other parts of her body…”

“CRPS, formerly referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (“RSD”), is a condition that causes severe neuropathic pain and other life-changing symptoms… [The plaintiff]’s CRPS has resulted in severe, unremitting pain in her arms, legs and face. The pain she describes is ‘burning’ and ‘it is like crushing, like if somebody grabbed your wrist and just started to squeeze.’ [The plaintiff] also described a hypersensitivity that is always present in her face and anything that touches it causes severe pain.”

“As a result of the severe, chronic pain that results from the CRPS, as well as the resulting inability to perform activities of daily living, plaintiff has developed significant psychological issues, including severe depression and anxiety…”

These are not insignificant injuries that can be ignored. Nor is this case an outlier, many slip or trip and fall accidents cause plaintiffs significant harm. 

If you are injured in a slip or trip and fall accident, you should not hesitate to seek compensation for your injuries. You may be entitled to economic damages that compensate you for lost wages, medical expenses, and loss of earning capacity. And non-economic damages that compensate you for things like pain and suffering, permanent disability, and loss of enjoyment of life (e.g. companionship, spousal relationships, emotional support). Punitive damages may also be awarded if the negligent property owner’s conduct was particularly egregious.

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