I solidly endorse Mr. Malkin for his expertise and his manner with clients. He represented my mother after she was hit by a car. My mother is elderly and needs extra time to understand protocols and procedures. She was also in quite a bit of pain after the accident. I live on the opposite side of the country and could not sit in on consultations. Mr. Malkin was patient and kind to my mother. He explained steps and procedures in a clear, understandable manner. His office staff was also very professional and attentive, answering my mother’s questions patiently and in a timely fashion.

My mother’s case was complicated. The accident further damaged a knee that was already quite arthritic. Yet Mr. Malkin’s medical knowledge was very thorough and he could tease apart what damage was caused by the accident.

Mr. Malkin was very aggressive in getting my mother the largest settlement he could. He negotiated with the insurance companies and she was awarded $480,000.
I solidly endorse Mr. Malkin as a personal injury lawyer. He knows what he’s doing and explains complicated issues clearly. But more than that, he is kind. He took extra time and care with my mother and genuinely cared about her well being.