As an accomplished personal injury practice in Hackensack, New Jersey, Levin & Malkin has a strong track record of successfully handling premises liability cases, many of them involving slip and fall accidents. As you are probably aware, all property owners are legally required to keep their premises reasonably safe and make repairs as needed. During any period of time in which they are unable to fix the danger, they are expected to warn all visitors by appropriate markings and/or signage of the ongoing risk. Our slip and fall attorneys are well able to represent clients who have suffered serious personal injury in an accident caused by another’s negligence such as failure to warn. We consider it all the more egregious if the property owner did not even post a caution sign at the site. If you have been severely harmed in a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, the sooner you contact Levin & Malkin the better.

What Our Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Do to Help If There Was Failure To Warn

When seeking compensation after a failure to warn slip and fall accident, you need the strong legal representation Levin & Malkin provides. Our slip and fall attorneys will leverage our comprehensive knowledge of the law and our sharp negotiation and litigation skills to fight aggressively to see that you receive a successful outcome.

There are several reasons that contacting us as quickly as possible is important, including:

  • There is a 2-year statute of limitation of personal injury claims in New Jersey
  • We want to begin our investigation before the site is altered or a warning is posted after the fact
  • We want immediate access to the police report, witnesses, and medical records
  • We need time to work out a winning strategy 
  • We need time to consult with medical and other experts 

In many situations, we have the experience and legal savvy to put together a case strong enough to win a substantial settlement without ever having to take the case to court. You can depend on us to fight for your right to damages even if the negligent person falsely argues that there was an appropriate warning to protect you. In many cases, even if there was a warning, it may have been moved, damaged by weather, or simply was not noticeable enough to begin with. 

Above all, remember that the slip and fall attorneys of Levin & Malkin are determined to fight aggressively for your rights. We know that you have been traumatized physically, emotionally, and financially and that you likely have high medical expenses at the same time as you are unable to work. For this reason, we will charge you no attorneys’ fees until we win you damages.

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Can Occur

Anyone can slip and fall anywhere at any time, so you may have been injured:

  • In your neighbor’s yard or on your neighbor’s steps
  • In a grocery or retail store
  • On the sidewalk
  • At the post office, library, or bank
  • In your accountant’s office
  • At your child’s school
  • At a movie theatre or hotel
  • In a parking lot

In any event, the property owner is responsible for maintaining the property on which you fell. Our slip and fall attorneys will do everything in our power to hold the negligent party accountable — whether that party is a homeowner, proprietor of a store, owner of an office building, the local school district, or a government agency.

Slip and Fall Accidents That Can Result from Failure To Warn

Though you may slip and fall because of a medical condition or because you are distracted, most falls are the result of external factors, such as:

  • Wet, icy, or otherwise slippery surfaces
  • Broken or wobbly stairs or banisters
  • Frayed or uneven carpeting 
  • Unmarked obstacles on walkways
  • Poorly lit vestibules or garages
  • Uneven flooring or broken tiles
  • Unsecured rugs

              We will find corroborating evidence of the other party’s negligence. We also have a network of consultants in various fields — engineers, doctors, masons, carpenters, etc. —  whose testimony may bolster your case. As your slip and fall attorneys, we are always on your side, even if your poor balance or momentary lack of attention contributed to your injury. 

              How Modified Comparative Negligence Works in New Jersey Slip and Fall Cases

              How damages in personal injury cases are awarded differs from state to state, so it is important that you have an attorney who knows New Jersey State law inside and out to protect your interests. Because there is always the possibility that both the victim and the property owner share responsibility for the premises liability accident, the state of New Jersey has a policy of modified comparative negligence. 

              According to this law, plaintiffs are permitted to win damages even if they are partially to blame for their own injuries. However, in cases of split fault, awarded damages will be decreased by the plaintiff’s portion of the blame. So, if the court finds that you bear 20 percent of the responsibility for the harm that came to you, and you are awarded $100,000, you will actually receive $80,000. It’s important to be aware that “modified” comparative negligence means that if a New Jersey court finds that you bear more than half the blame for your accident, you will not be entitled to any compensation at all. 

              Damages Our Failure to Warn Slip and Fall Attorneys Will Fight to Win

              In cases like yours, in which the negligent party not only failed to keep his or her property safe for visitors but also failed to post a warning to protect innocent victims, we will fight hard to obtain the compensation you need for your losses. 

              Because there are so many types of personal injuries, from broken legs to traumatic brain injuries, depending on the nature of your injury we will fight for appropriate damages that may include: 

              • Medical and rehabilitative costs
              • Lost income, present and future
              • Long-term disability
              • Loss of household services
              • Pain and suffering
              • Loss of enjoyment of life

              If you have been through the anguish of losing a close family member in a slip and fall accident in which the defendant failed to warn of mortal danger, we may seek more than final medical costs, funeral costs, and compensation for lost financial and emotional support. If a death or permanent incapacity resulted, depending on particular circumstances, we may also seek punitive damages.

              Contact Our Experienced Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys for the Justice You Deserve

              We have seen enough clients through slip and fall accidents to know how difficult your life has become as a result of your injury. We are also aware of the fact that your family is suffering along with you. We promise to treat you with personal concern while we focus on winning you the resources you need to move forward.