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Although the Jersey Devil rollercoaster is the hottest attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure this summer, no trip to the beloved South Jersey amusement park is complete without a ride on the Saw Mill Log Flume. However, the classic ride may be showing its age. Riders were recently injured in an accident. 

It’s a reminder that even tried and true amusement park rides come with risk. When an injury occurs, we must all remember that personal injury lawsuits are often the best way to hold the responsible parties accountable. The Levin & Malkin team has recovered millions of dollars for the victims of personal injury accidents in the state of New Jersey. 

The Long-Lived Log Flume

According to GreatAdventureHistory.com, the Log Flume is one of the original attractions built at Great Adventure. It has been delighting thrill-seekers since 1974. Park-goers particularly enjoy the big splash of water at the end of the ride on hot summer days. 

With its long history of successfully floating people along the track and down the four-story drop at the end, everyone assumed the Log Flume was one of the safer rides at the park. That changed this summer when one log failed to complete the full circuit and two of its riders were taken to the hospital. 

According to the park spokesperson, “The safety of our guests and team members is always our highest priority. The ride is currently undergoing a thorough inspection by our safety and engineering teams and will remain closed until further notice.” 

Risk Is Not Reduced Just Because You Are Used To It

The Log Flume accident is a reminder that we all need to be aware of the risks we are taking, even when we have become so accustomed to those risks that our brains no longer alert us to their danger. We are invited to ride amusement rides and are even excited to do so, but that does not mean riding them is risk-free. 

It is important to note that the risk of enjoying a day at the amusement park should be minimal since amusement park owners owe the public a duty of care, and most parks take that duty very seriously. When accidents occur it is often because equipment malfunctioned, or the owner or staff were acting negligently or recklessly. A personal injury lawsuit is often the best way to hold a park owner or other responsible party accountable when an accident occurs. 

If you have been injured at an amusement park, or while participating in some other fun summer activity, Levin & Malkin’s experienced team of personal injury attorneys can help you figure out if you have a case. We can also help you determine how much money you can reasonably expect to receive if you choose to file a lawsuit. Over the years we have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims in New Jersey. Please contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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