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We all have a duty on the road, near the road, and on the side of the road, to exercise due caution. This includes being aware of our surroundings. Unfortunately, people do not do this. They get distracted by phones. They are in a hurry. People, as a result, get hurt. One far too common and easily avoidable type of accident involves doors of cars opening into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Motorcyclists can sustain devastating injuries when they run into a car door, which often causes them to be ejected from their motorcycle. All of this could simply be avoided if people stayed patient, exercised due care, and check for oncoming motorcycles before opening their doors.

Car Door Motorcycle Accidents

Car doors opening up into the path of an oncoming motorcycle, resulting in a crash, is far too common. This type of accident often occurs because a vehicle occupant fails to check mirrors prior to exiting the vehicle. A simple glance into a mirror could help prevent this type of accident. It is also common for this type of accident to occur in inclement weather. Motorists should pay particular attention to oncoming traffic in the event of bad weather. Whether it is rain, snow, ice, or even fog, visibility can be significantly reduced, making it harder to see when a motorcycle may be approaching. Take extra care to look once, and then look again, before opening your car door.

Using a cell phone is also a common contributing factor to car door and motorcycle accidents. While it is great when motorists wait until they stop before picking up their phones, a driver of a car who immediately glues themselves to their phone and exits their vehicle risks opening a door right into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Take a minute to put down your phone and check your surroundings before opening your car door. This small gesture might just save someone’s life.

Serious injuries can occur when a car door opens into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The impact alone can cause serious injuries. Furthermore, the impact may cause the motorcycle to be ejected from the motorcycle itself and he or she may even land in the path of oncoming traffic. Injuries in these types of accidents are often devastating and can include

Motorists, keep an eye out for motorcycles, even when you are pulled to the side of a roadway. Motorcyclists, there are also steps you can take to try and avoid these types of accidents. Defensive driving measures can go a long way. For instance, try to reduce your speed when traveling near parked cars, especially when you see someone inside of the vehicle who may be exiting shortly. Also, if you have to be out when visibility is poor, pay extra attention to vehicle occupants that may not be aware of your presence. When you make a right turn onto a street where vehicles are parked on the side, try not to pass too close to the side of the road

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