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Earlier this year, New York Times author Susanne Craig penned an article on the importance of leashing dogs after her precious pooch was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. Reading it is a frightening reminder of how quickly a dog can attack, and how serious the repercussions of such an attack can be

Sadly, the Levin & Malkin team is all too familiar with dog bites and the legal issues that follow. We regularly help North Jersey families who have been shaken by a dog bite attack.

A Story That Is Too Familiar

“Jasper’s frenzied barking began as we approached his house… He shot off the porch and across the sprawling front yard as if launched from a slingshot.

Then he stopped at the edge of the property. He sized all of us up and his eyes locked on Chloe, a solid 60-pound Labrador-basset hound mix who is 12 years old. Suddenly a woman emerged from the house, screaming for Jasper to come back. Instead, he advanced toward Chloe until they were nose to nose. Then he lunged, locking his jaw around her neck.”

After the dogs were pulled apart, Chloe was treated for her injuries by the local vet. She is lucky to be alive. The woman who tried to stop Jasper — a member of Jasper’s family — suffered a serious bite injury on her hand. Jasper was euthanized.

None of this would have happened if Jasper had been leashed.

What If…

As Craig noted, “In the right home, with informed, responsible owners, even Jasper could have had a safe, happy life. But in that home, on that morning, he was only dangerous.”

In personal injury law, we are always imagining alternative realities like this. An important aspect of the law is proving that but for x, this terrible thing would never have happened. The bottom line here is that Jasper should have been leashed. Injuries could have been prevented, and Jasper would still be alive if his owners had done the responsible thing and kept him restrained.

Under New Jersey, the dog owner that failed to leash their dog would be deemed negligent and could be held financially responsible for the injuries and damage caused by their pet. Unlike in some other states, there is no need to prove that the dog was known to be dangerous or had previously bitten or attacked another person or animal.

New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney

Pet owners have a responsibility to keep their furry family members from wreaking havoc and hurting others. They owe it to their pets and the public to be responsible owners. When they fail at this task, the Levin & Malkin, PC team steps in to hold them accountable.

We help New Jersey residents who have been seriously injured in a dog attack hold the dog’s owners financially responsible for what they let their dog do. If you or your pet has been injured because another dog owner failed to be a good pet parent, let’s talk.

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