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If you have been involved in a car accident, you are probably getting all kinds of advice from friends, family members, and even random law firms that send you letters in the mail. Having so many people try and tell you what to do can get confusing. Levin & Malkin is here to clear a few things up by letting you know the three things you absolutely should not be doing after an accident. 

  1. Skipping Medical Treatment

Even if you don’t feel like you have been seriously injured, you should always seek medical treatment following a car accident. 

Many accident-induced injuries are not outwardly visible, and may not pain you for a few days. You could have soft tissue injuries or internal bleeding and not realize it if you do not go in for a check-up after an accident. 

If you make your injuries worse because you fail to seek treatment, or do not follow your doctor’s advice, you may not be able to seek compensation for the full extent of your injuries. Other people cannot be held responsible for the harm you cause yourself. 

  1. Apologizing 

Immediately after a car accident occurs you may be so shaken up you tell the other parties involved you are sorry. Many people offer apologies at the scene of an accident, even when they were not at all at fault. It is normal to feel sorry something bad has happened and to verbalize that emotion. 

However, you should try to refrain from apologizing for the accident as time goes by. You don’t want the other parties involved, their insurance companies, or your insurance provider to try and hold you responsible for the accident just because you are upset that it occurred. Do not say you are sorry and do not imply that you take any sort of responsibility for what occurred. 

  1. Accepting The First Offer Your Insurance Company Gives You 

Feel-good commercials would have you believe that your insurance provider is a jolly and generous company that would like nothing better than to wave its magic wand and make everything better after an accident has occurred. The truth is, insurance companies are only concerned with their bottom lines, and they make more money when they give out lowball offers or outright deny claims made by their policyholders. 

Rarely is the first offer you receive from an insurance company the best offer you can get. Hiring an attorney to negotiate with your insurance company, and bring a lawsuit if necessary, will ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

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